At PrimeWallArt, we employ cutting-edge technology in crafting our products, always prioritizing quality and customer satisfaction.

In our commitment to maintaining the trust we’ve earned from our customers, we’ve established a straightforward and clear return and exchange policy, designed to ensure efficient, prompt, and, above all, satisfactory transactions for our customers.

To initiate a return or exchange, the order must be marked as delivered. If the product is still in the possession of the carrier, you may need to wait for delivery to your address. If possible, we may request that the delivery be halted. In this case, you will need to wait for the product to be returned to our company.

From the date of product receipt, customers have 7 consecutive days to initiate a return for reasons of cancellation and 30 consecutive days for exchanges.

Situations in which customers can request a product return or exchange include:

  • Cancellation (change of mind)
  • Partial or total product damage
  • Discrepancy with the order
  • Non-delivery due to theft or loss

Important notes:

  • Products showing signs of use may have their return or exchange requests declined. If a customer detects any damage or irregularities, we recommend contacting the company immediately. It’s essential not to use the product, and in case of damage, please do not attempt to repair it yourself.
  • Customized frames cannot be resold or reused. For this reason, they cannot be returned or exchanged unless they have a manufacturing defect or an error on our part in customization, or if they are damaged.


Upon receiving the product, we recommend inspecting it before signing the carrier’s delivery confirmation. If any irregularities are observed, please refuse the delivery.

To do this, you will need to provide the following information on the back of the invoice to be returned:

  • Reason for refusal/return
  • Name and CPF of the person returning
  • Date of return

If a customer chooses to initiate a return or exchange after receiving the product, they should send a request to our Support team at (email) or 1-800-123-4567 (WhatsApp).

The following information must be included:

  • Order number
  • Full name and CPF
  • Reason for return or exchange
  • Photos and/or videos identifying the reported issue

We will evaluate the information, and if the request is approved, we will inform the customer of the procedure, including the return, sending a new product, or cancellation.

For situations requiring the return of the product to our company, it should ideally be sent in its original packaging with corner protectors, bubble wrap, and cardboard or wooden packaging. If you have discarded the packaging, please provide new suitable packaging for transport.


For approved return requests, we will arrange for the product to be collected from the customer’s address or provide authorization for mailing via USPS. After receiving the returned product, our Logistics team will evaluate it, and if there are no irregularities, the order will be canceled within 7 business days from the date of item receipt by the company.

  • Orders paid via bank slip or ACH transfer: Refunds will be processed via direct deposit to the account of the order’s holder/responsible party.
  • Orders paid via credit card: Refunds will be processed via a transaction reversal with the credit card issuer. The credit for the corresponding amount on the cardholder’s statement will depend on the issuer’s processing and the customer’s statement closing date, which may take up to two statements to be identified.

Please replace the contact information (email and phone number) with your actual contact details, and ensure that the legal and regulatory requirements for returns and exchanges in the United States are met.