Exclusive and Registered Artworks

Exclusive and Registered Artworks

PrimeWallArt features artists responsible for creating entirely original and exclusive works of art, all of which are registered through a copyright protection agency. This agency provides self-sufficient certificates validated in the 176 member countries of the Berne Convention.

As such, our company is committed to safeguarding the copyrights of these works in cases of plagiarism. This is because artworks themselves constitute intellectual property material protected by Law No. 9,610/98 (Intellectual Property Law), as outlined in Article 7.

It is important to understand that plagiarism is defined as the concealed or disguised copying, in whole or in part, of the manner in which a particular creator has expressed their ideas, such as a work of art, with the intention of wrongfully attributing authorship of the intellectual creation.

Therefore, the advertising and sale of artistic content from PrimeWallArt without prior and proper authorization constitutes a violation of the author’s rights, as it gives the plagiarizer the false impression of being the creator of the original idea and art, unlawfully attributing to them the credits and profits of the works.

Legal Department

In light of the discovery of numerous copies of our artworks by other companies, PrimeWallArt maintains a legal department capable of receiving reports of any copyright infringement at all times. This can occur through e-commerce, marketplaces, as well as any other digital and physical platforms.

If you come across the dissemination and commercialization of any of our works on platforms other than PrimeWallArt, please contact us via the following email address: