Quadros Vicent de Lucca

Meet the Artist

Vicent de Lucca

Abstract art, one of the most esteemed forms in the art world, is a gateway to an explosion of sensations and meanings, unique to each individual who perceives it.

Vicent de Lucca, a talented and renowned Brazilian artist, specializes in creating abstract paintings and breathtaking landscapes. With a unique vision and a distinctive style, Vicent dives into the world of abstraction, breaking with conventions and pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

Since childhood, Vicent de Lucca displayed an unusual fascination with the world of abstract shapes and colors. He believed that abstract art possessed an intrinsic power to convey deep emotions and transport the viewer on a journey beyond the obvious. With dedication and passion, he immersed himself in this unlimited realm of possibilities and brought to life works of art that capture the essence of the ineffable.

Vicent de Lucca’s abstract works are true expressions of his creative soul, offering viewers an intense and captivating aesthetic experience. His paintings celebrate artistic freedom, where shapes and colors blend in harmony, evoking unique feelings and emotions in each person who contemplates them.

Abstract art has gained increasing prominence in the art world, and De Lucca’s pieces are present in the decoration of prominent figures like Juliana Paes and many others.

Vicent de Lucca’s paintings are true masterpieces that challenge interpretation and invite each individual to create their own narrative, immersing themselves in a world of personal sensations and meanings.

In addition to his abstract works, Vicent de Lucca is also recognized for his stunning landscapes. With precise strokes and a vibrant color palette, he transports the viewer to enchanting scenes, brimming with life and energy. Each landscape portrayed by Vicent is a window to a parallel universe, where nature reveals itself in its fullness, inviting us to contemplate its beauty and reconnect with the world around us.

While appreciating Vicent de Lucca’s works, we are invited to embark on a journey of self-discovery and a connection with the sublime. His abstract creations encourage us to explore the boundaries of our own perception, awakening deep emotions and feelings that we often cannot express with words.

Vicent de Lucca is a bold artist, whose work is appreciated and valued for its originality and daring spirit. His abstract paintings remind us of the importance of opening our minds to new forms of expression and embracing artistic diversity as a source of personal enrichment.

Discover the fascinating world of abstract art and the captivating landscapes of Vicent de Lucca. Immerse yourself in his unique creations and allow them to inspire your imagination and awaken your sensitivity to the beauty that resides in shapes, colors, and emotions that transcend words.

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